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                     SAND BATH

Sandbath in Merzouga Desert




  Sand bath is an ancient  Berber technical  to cure chronic diseases and   joints diseases, muscles and tendons. A week to ten days boost your immune system.
  For the preparation of a sand bath, just an experienced person supervises the operation by digging a hole to measure the size of the patient with a depth generally not exceeding 20 cm. the hole remains open for half an hour to absorb a good amount of heat.

The patient strip down  to his underwear , and after anointing the body with a layer of rancid butter, extends into the hole. the supervisor covers the patient's body with the sand except  the head must be kept out and shaded from direct sunlight .

The bath does not exceed ten minutes, sufficient time for the heat of the sand to produce a heavy sweating.

Take precautions :
The presence of  a supervisor in the bath is necessary to intervene in cases of fainting and other ailments for those who can not tolerate hot weather. the supervisor remains companion to his patient, chatting with him to help him withstand the heat. 


To avoid cases of fainting or unconsciousness can result in coma and death, it is desirable to use the services of  a specialist doctors, because sand baths are dangerous for people suffering from asthma or heart disease.


At the end of the bath, the patient covers the body in a  tissue to absorb the secreted water, to avoid sudden shift of a high temperature to another lower. the patient should thereafter, drink hot tea or eat something warm, then take a hot bath and get some sleep.This is done often in the middle of the day and for a few days.


Sand baths are beneficial especially for people suffering from rheumatic pains. However, the fact of taking a sand bath without prior medical consultation can turn into a tragedy especially since many deaths were recorded among patients with heart disease.


Sandbath in Merzouga Desert
Sand Bath
Merzouga Sand Bath

Sand bath in merzouga desert ;Baño de arena en el desierto de merzouga;Bagno di sabbia nel deserto di Merzouga;Sandbad in der Merzouga-Wüste;Banho de areia no deserto de Merzouga;Kąpiel piaskowa na pustyni Merzouga;Песчаные ванны в пустыне Мерзуга; حمام رملي في صحراء مرزوقة;梅尔祖卡沙漠中的沙浴

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